The new Rising Stars All Star format was great and can get even better with these small changes

Personally, I’m all for going crazy over All Stat Weekend when it comes to this stuff. Try anything and everything under the sun and see what sticks. At the end of the day, it’s all about entertainment and anything that compels players to actually try during the celebrations I will always support. So when it came to last night’s events, I was excited to see how this would all play out

When it comes to the games, they get two thumbs up from me. I love the tournament idea. We know the league and Adam Silver want to find a way to fit this into the actual NBA season, and at times watching those games last night I opened up to this radical idea. I’m sure there are a billion details to iron out, but these games had a pretty cool AAU feel to them. Or a JCC boys travel team feeling for the other white chosen ones out there who might be reading this. You know what I mean. If you’ve played basketball at any point in your life, I’m sure you’ve played in some kind of tournament format. It’s fun as hell. I was wondering what it would be like to be in the middle of the NBA season or something. Or what if the lottery order was determined by a tournament like this? Where the bad teams actually had to try to win to secure the top pick. things of that kind.

In terms of actual basketball that we saw, there were times when it was your usual all-star stuff. Guys driving at half speed, launching threes, trying cool dunks, etc. But those games were also pretty competitive

In terms of a watchable product, I would say that all of these games were great. Young talent in this league is going crazy, and that doesn’t even include some of the other exciting young players that we have. I think that’s what made basketball so fun because the level of the basketball game was quite high. Especially when the scores approached 50. For the most part I had no complaints. There’s only one thing they need to figure out, and the same goes for the Elam ending in the All Star Game

Find a way to make it impossible to win a game on the FT line. I know that doesn’t make sense. Win by 2 doesn’t always work, so that’s out. What if they simply made a rule for this format that if a team is within 3 points then all fouls are counted as a side out if the FTs won the game. Boom. I just did the hard part for you, Adam Silver. We make up shit with random scores that lead to wins, so why not come up with another wrong rule. Will anyone complain? No! We want to see game winners via jumpers/dunks/plays, not FTs. This is a fake game on a fake weekend. I think this is a pretty easy no-brainer. If you are at 48 or 49, every time you are fouled side out. If you have 47 and get fouled with a three, move to the side. If you have 47 and get fouled with a two, go to the line.

Is that a terrible idea? I’m not ruling it out, but it makes sense in my head. Just don’t let these games and fantastic endings boil down to FTs. That takes so much air out of the sails after a really good game. How much better was Jae’Sean Tate’s Game Winner than Desmond Bane’s or Franz Wagner’s FTs? I want more of that and my plan is working.

I’m not sure if the NBA will continue this historic shooting challenge for years to come or if it was just because of the 75th anniversary, but if this event is going to exist as this tournament’s “halftime show” I would have some changes

In this case, each of these shot locations should represent a historic NBA shot. The Magic Skyhook, Ray Allen Three, Barkley Pull Up, Reggie Miller repel three, Dame’s logo shot against Paul George, etc. A cool idea to celebrate some of the greatest shots in NBA history. Here’s the problem. Players didn’t have to perform the shot the same way it happened in real life. That’s nonsense. That defeats the whole point. Magic didn’t take a 4ft floater at that moment. He took a running skyhook that ripped out the hearts of an entire city. You should take a running skyhook from this spot. Ray’s corner three. You should sprint from the color to the corner and immediately need to catch and shoot. None of that go in the corner, look down and put your feet up and then start. That didn’t happen. Reggie’s place. You should have to run into your three from left to right. No stain on top. The same goes for dames. That should be a step backwards. If the idea is for these to honor those recordings, consider recording them as they happened. I’m not sure how that got overlooked.

When we see that again next year, either with the same or different historical footage, I hope they make that adjustment. Let’s say they go for MJ’s right-to-left layup. Quite a historic shot, I think you’ll agree. You should go right-to-left to honor this point, rather than just finishing off the edge like you’d like.

I also don’t plan on removing this event entirely and instead having some sort of 3v3 game during this “half” of the tournament. The Big 3 proved it can be a fun watch. I say try this and see what happens, chances are people will like it.

However, given the general response to this new format, I think the idea of ​​incorporating a real tournament into the actual regular season is becoming more and more real. I don’t know how that would work, but we know Silver wants it, we know there’s probably a shitton of TV money and sponsorship money out there, and if the general public seems crushed, it’s just a matter of who Time.

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