The Ultimatum silver wine glasses are available on Amazon right now

The important things first. If you haven’t seen Netflix’s latest dating show, The ultimatummissing out on some of the wildest reality tv series I’ve personally seen (and like many of you, I’ve watched the latest one Bachelor and love is blind seasons, so that means *a lot*).

From casual dates and breakups to cheating scandals and spontaneous proposals, the show covers a wide variety of topics in the dating world, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve also noticed a recurring theme – that silver wine glasses and A cup who seemed to follow the occupation everywhere from bars and parks to their own private homes. Well, your beloved women health Editors did some research, and it turns out you can literally get them on Amazon.

Stainless steel wine glasses

Gusto Nostro


Even better, these aren’t your typical fancy silver wine glasses – they’re actually made of unbreakable stainless steel. I mean, since it was the very first season of the reality dating show (or, shall we say, the breakup), the producers must have been well prepared. Whether you’re actually planning your own ultimatum or just plain clumsy (same), hundreds of Amazon reviewers love these stylish eyewear.

“I’m terrible with my wine glasses and always find a way to break them,” said one five-star reviewer. “This is a great unbreakable option…it’s thin so you don’t feel like you’re drinking your wine from a cheap plastic cup or water glass. I have now bought the rose gold ones too and they are very pretty.”

Six pack of stemless wine glasses



Yes, if you’re not into the whole silver/stainless steel vibe, these come in a myriad of other colors – gold, rose gold, red and black, all of which make great gifts too. (In case you need the reminder, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Pair it with her favorite bottle of vino and you’re done!)

10 oz BPA free drinking cup

Tip for million sales


For those of you who prefer a more portable option, the tumbler style comes with lids making these ideal for picnics. They even keep hot drinks hot, so you can use it to take your coffee to-go on your morning walk, too.

And guess what? It’s actually getting better. Whatever our personal feelings towards Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger, I couldn’t have been the only person eyeing this adorable silver sippy cup they were gifted. Like all other options, it’s also fragile and BPA-free. Cheers to more ‘The Ultimatum’ babies!

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