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Buckle up, supermarket giant Woolworths has teamed up with the mints at the Royal Australian Mint to distribute new limited-edition coins to celebrate the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

The multi-sport event, like our very own mini-Olympics, made up of current and former colonial subjects of Queen Elizabeth, begins Thursday 28th July and runs through Monday 8th August.

The $1 and $2 coins feature different sports that Australia will be competing in at the upcoming Games in Birmingham, UK.

There are three exclusive $2 coins featuring the letters A, U and S available starting today. A new coin design is also released through the Woolworth tills each week, with an additional four $1 coins only found in special collectors’ albums.

Incorporation is a regular feature of the Royal Australian Mint, which often produces limited-edition cash for major sporting events, often in partnership with Woolworths, who distribute the coins to customers’ tills. Recently there was also a commemorative coin featuring characters from the world’s most popular children’s entertainers, The Wiggles.

In a statement, Woolworth’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks said:

“As The Fresh Food People, we are proud to celebrate the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games and all the Australian athletes who took part.

“We have a long history of recognizing Australia’s rich sporting culture with our customers and these coins are another great way for them to show their support as teams compete for gold in Birmingham.”

It’s not for nothing that these coins often turn up on eBay years later with insane asking prices, so it might be worth grabbing a few the next time you go shopping.

How to get the Commonwealth Games coins

As previously mentioned, the coins are exclusive to Woolworths. Of course, that means they could then show up in your change elsewhere, but if you want to guarantee a score you’ll need to go straight to the source.

The three exclusive $2 coins can be collected free of charge with any purchase at Woolworths supermarkets. A receipt is all you need to receive your coin.

For the $1 coins, you need to buy the collector’s album, also from Woolworths, for $15.

Of course, you could also go straight to the Royal Mint, who also sell the coins on their site. In addition to the seven at Woolworths, they have a limited edition $1 coin, a silver $1 coin, and a gold 50 cent coin. Each retails for far more than face value (the silver coin costs $80), but hey, they’ll probably be worth a lot in the future.

With the included Royal Mint coins, there are a total of nine limited edition pieces to collect – get them!

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