Horrifying footage shows a woman almost hit by her OWN car in Dublin as the thief sped away at top speed

A woman in Dublin luckily escaped unharmed after almost being run over by her own car, which was being pulled away at top speed by a thief.

A neighbor’s door camera captured the moment the white Alfa Romeo missed her by inches as it sped towards her as the burglar made his escape.

The overnight theft took place just after midnight in the early hours of Wednesday morning at a housing estate in Tallaght.

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Car owner Joanne Byrne, 28, was lying awake in bed when she heard her front door creaking and thought it was one of her roommates coming home.

She waited for her roommate to come up the stairs, but instead she heard keys jingle and then heard the unmistakable, loud beeping of her car doors opening.

Horrifying footage from the door camera shows a man approaching the house at 12.25am wearing a Nike zip-up hoodie.

The brazen thief takes a screwdriver from his pocket and uses it to open the front door. Less than a minute later, he is seen sneaking down the driveway to Joanne’s car, which was parked on the street in front of the house.

He starts the engine and drives away as Joanne runs down the driveway and then nearly gets knocked out.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Joanne recalled the horrific ordeal, saying: “I was in bed on my phone when I thought one of the people sharing the house had gotten home late.

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“The door makes a loud noise when it opens because the hinges creak and I heard keys rattle and the door closed so I waited for the girl to come up the stairs but instead I heard my car open.

“Because it’s very characteristic, I knew my car was opened, so I pulled back my curtains to see the car start.

“Luckily that day I had parked overlooking the cul-de-sac when I usually have it overlooking the property to go to work, so I ran down the stairs thinking whoever’s in it is someone who sharing the house and just moving it out of the way because there is never a lot of parking on this street.

“It wasn’t until he raced towards me at top speed that I froze in the middle of the road and he almost hit me with my own car.”

The white Alfa Romeo missed Joanne by inches as the thief sped straight at her
The car missed Joanne by inches as she stood in the street, frozen with fear

Joanne contacted the Gardai and is still hoping that her car – a white Alfa Romeo with a 2010 Carlow number plate – can be recovered.

She believes the vehicle could still be in the Tallaght area, and it also has distinctive features, including a front grille with two silver bars missing.

“Apparently a lot of cars are stolen this way in Dublin and left at nearby properties to see if the car isn’t found and then they move it again,” she said.

“If people can tell my car is unique, there aren’t many around, and it’s a Carlow-Reg with a front grille missing two silver bars.”

white Alfa Romeo with Carlow registration from 2010
The stolen car is a white Alfa Romeo with a 2010 Carlow number plate and a front grille with two missing silver bars

Joanne also appealed to other car owners to take extra precautions to ensure their front door is completely secure and not leave car keys near the front door, making it easier for robbers to get away quickly.

In a statement, a Garda spokesman said: “Gardaí is investigating a theft incident that took place in the early hours of March 15.

“The investigation is currently ongoing.”

Anyone with information can contact Tallaght Garda station on (01) 666 6000.

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