The wedding trends that are in – and out – for 2022

Two wedding trends for 2022? Accents so bright it’s almost technicolor and hanging flowers. A wedding by Bryan Rafanelli combines both.Photo: Courtesy Bryan Rafanelli

Art-inspired design

“The entire room becomes part of the experience. Customers are considering custom ways to fill (or add to) empty spaces by adding complex signature graphics or artistic branding to their details. For example, we hired an artist to paint the couple through their abstract style. While we hung the painting prominently, we also incorporated the artwork in other ways, from small food-to-go boxes to an oversized rendering on a custom dance floor. ” -Mindy Weiss

The long wedding weekend

“Our customers want to extend their wedding weekend with various events over three to four days, from a big welcome party to a rehearsal dinner to activities during the day, be it a Red Robin tennis tournament or a group hiking / walking / running, all interspersed with that long wedding weekend. And why not end your wedding weekend with a ‘Detox to Retox’ event or a day party to say goodbye to your guests? ” -Bryan Rafanelli

What’s happening

Family style meals

“Goodbye, family service (I wave enthusiastically)! Leave this sloppy, casual dinner for summer barbecues. Our customers want formality, ritual and elegance … and plenty of space on the table for flowers. ” -Rebecca Gardner

Twinkle Light Blankets

“They were beautiful over time, but instead of pulling the design up, we’re metaphorically in the moment, drawing attention to the tables and dance floors – the present!” -Mindy Weiss

Several toasts at the reception

“The toast takes place the evening before or for the smaller group at the rehearsal dinner. At receptions, brides say, “Let’s dance!” and avoiding long, formal dinners. If the speeches are given the night before (with the exception of the groom, best man and bride’s father), the reception becomes a dinner party that brings guests to the dance floor much earlier in the night. ” – Bronson Van Wyck

Monogrammed dance floors

“We’ll always love a monogram, but we can leave the statement dance floor monogram with the trends of the 2010s. If dance floor branding is for you, think ahead with artistic accents and graphics to create a statement, pattern, or color that represents your overall wedding style and personality. ” -Mindy Weiss

Muted color schemes

“We’re seeing less white / ivory / green this coming year as couples prepare for a vibrant 2022.” -Stefanie Bay

“As beautiful as white is, couples want to pick and choose a color. As the saying goes: go big or go home! ” -Tara Fay

Overcrowded welcome bags

“As we’re all trying to be more sustainable, couples are now offering a simple but thoughtful treat or gift for guests, perhaps a nod to the wedding location. That also means less ‘stuff’ for the guests to travel home with. ” -Stefanie Bay

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