Man admits taking silver bars from the safe of an elderly man he was caring for – Floyd Cowan III #MtZion – Scoop: Nashville

The defendant is the elderly victim’s homeworker. On April 9th, 2021, the victim and witness (his son) found the accused in their locked safe. The defendant had his hand in a silver pouch that was stowed in the safe.

The defendant was confronted by the witness and stated that he had “just pressed a button” and opened the door. This was recorded on a cell phone video. The defendant was asked why he knew the code for the safe and why silver bars were missing. The defendant told the witness that he went to a hardware store to help reset the code at the victim’s request.

The defendant stated that he did not know why the silver was missing. The victim stated that this was not requested of the defendant and that he should not have been in the safe for any reason.

After the defendant was told to leave the apartment, the victim went back through the safe and found that much of the silver he had placed in the safe was missing. The victim estimated the amount at over $ 5,000.

With the help of witnesses and video recordings of the safe from the weekend of July 4th (the weekend when the safe was installed in the apartment), the victim was able to see the large silver bars that were in the safe, as well as numerous silver coins, were no longer in it . At that point, the victim called the police to file a complaint (21-0468861) and gave the officers the defendant’s information.

I contacted the defendant by phone and he admitted taking the silver from the safe. The defendant claimed to have sold it in a pawn shop at the request of the victim’s deceased wife. The defendant went on to state that he had no idea where the money on the transaction was coming from.

When asked why he was in the safe on September 4th (after the death of the victim’s wife), he stated that he had only “pressed a button” and opened the door, but could explain his motive for touching the safe not explain. The victim stated that he had neither received nor seen the associated funds and stated that the defendant was never allowed to touch the silver, nor was he allowed to be in the safe.

The transactions the Defendant conducted on July 18, 20, 28 and 30 at Music City Pawn (victim in related incident 21-0484815) at 3930 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage TN have been located. I locked all remaining items (approximately $ 120 worth of coins hadn’t been sold).

Staff at the site said the defendant came to mortgage the silver, having received the silver as a gift from his grandfather. The staff said the retail value of the silver was about $ 7,000 and they paid the defendant $ 5,600.

The victim is an elderly person who is cared for by the defendant as a homeworker. The defendant took the victim’s silver, which had a retail monetary value of over $ 7,000. The defendant took advantage of the victim’s professional trust in his own home. The defendant took advantage of the victim’s age, medical disabilities and lack of mobility to commit these thefts against the victim.

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